Monitor your electric fences from anywhere in the world

Your fence will alert you when it has a problem

Quickly narrow down the location of faults to save time

Looking after electric fences can be a pain

As most farmers know, it takes a significant amount of time and effort to find and fix faults on electric fences.

Every year hundreds of hours are wasted checking electric fences and locating and fixing faults.

Have you ever checked your electric fence only to discover it hasn't been working for a day or more and your livestock are everywhere?

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FaultAlert solves these problems in 2 parts

With FaultAlert Fence Sensors and the FaultAlert Mobile App

FaultAlert Fence Sensors

The FaultAlert sensors attach to your electric fence to detect and locate faults so you don't have to.

No external power supply needed - Just connect 2 wires to the fence and it's ready to go. Mount the sensor unit in a suitable place like on a wooden fence post and it will start beaming back fence data straight away.

The real power of FaultAlert comes when you install multiple sensors allowing you to get fault location data.

  • One sensor: Get basic fence health data and fault alerts
  • Multiple sensors: Narrow down the location of faults when they occur

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FaultAlert Mobile App

A powerful yet simple app lets you keep an eye on your electric fences from anywhere in the world.

Check the fence voltage at any sensor point whenever you want. Get alerted to faults in real time.

If you have more than one fence sensor then the FaultAlert app will narrow down the location of the fault.

Save yourself hours of searching the entire fence line.

Supports both Android and iOS.

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Australian made for Australian conditions

Designed in the Hunter Valley, NSW

How it works

1. Install one of more fence sensors

They're low power devices and the onboard batteries will last years between changes. The fence sensors transmit data over LoRaWAN - a modern long range radio technology. They have a range of 10-15 km depending on terrain, trees, buildings, etc.

2. Install a LoRaWAN base station

(if you don't already have one)

These generic base stations receive data from all fence sensors within range and forwards the data to your FaultAlert account over 3G, satellite link, or your home wifi. They will even work with other LoRaWAN-enabled products.

3. Check your fence

Download the FaultAlert mobile app or login via your web browser. View the status of your fence at each sensor point and receive alerts if the fence develops a fault. Alerts can be sent via mobile app, SMS or email.

If you are using multiple fence sensors then the location of the fault will be narrowed down between two sensors, saving you from having to check the entire fence.

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Why invest in FaultAlert?

It can take hours of work to trace the location of a fault, even if you have cut off switches at regular intervals.

The cost of a fence failure can be high: lost stock, ruined breeding programmes and livestock getting onto public roads are just a few of the things that can and do happen.

Let FaultAlert do the repetitive checking for you while you get on with the important work. Check on your fences whenever you like and get alerted immediately when and where there's a fault.

You basically have 3 options:

1) Give up on your electic fence, who cares if it works?!

2) Waste your time manually checking your fence and tracing faults

3) Let FaultAlert alert you when there is a problem

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Pricing: Hurry, lock in your discount now

Exact pricing will be released in the near future when the FaultAlert hardware is finalised and ready for launch.

Here's some very rough price estimates to give you a general idea:

  • FaultAlert Fence Sensor: low $100's
  • LoRaWAN base station (if you don't already have one): high $100's to low $1,000's depending on model
  • FaultAlert apps and network data subscription: a few $/month

Customers who register their interest pre-launch will be rewarded with an early supporters discount when FaultAlert is released.

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